Portable Wash Station

Portable Wash Pad’s are a proactive alternative for steam cleaning, pressure washing and servicing of equipment.
Enviro-Pads – Wash Pad/Station provides containment of used wash water and contaminated waste allowing for disposal in an environmentally approved manner.
Wash Pads/Stations are portable and reusable eliminating ground and surface water contamination.

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Pipeline wash pad/station:

Is a proactive alternative for steam cleaning, pressure washing, and servicing of equipment. This heavy duty portable pad provides 100% containment of contaminated fluids and solids allowing for disposal in a environmentally approved facility by vac truck.  Each 32′ L x 20’W system is engineered with a surface weigh rating of 200 ton and storage volume capacity of 3,840 gallons.

Wash Pad/Stations Features:

  • Track and grouser friendly
  • High grade steel construction
  • Pads interlock for custom sizing
  • No tooling required
  • Forklift tubes and lifting eyes for installation and removal
  • Non slip working surface
  • Surface load rating 50 Ton per pad
  • Drop in aluminum walls
  • Drive on/off ramps
  • Removable grating for easy cleanout
  • Engineered certified


Wash Pad/Stations Options:

  • Heat Coils within pads preventing fluid from freezing
  • Glycol Heater
  • Hot and or Cold Water Pressure Washer



Enviro-Pads Containment Systems meet the stringent guidelines set out by the Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB), Alberta Environment (AENV), and the Fire Code of Alberta.