STOPAQ Outerwrap

STOPAQ® Outerwrap PE, PVC, HTPP are flexible polyethylene mechanical protection tapes, provided with a butyl rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. STOPAQ® Outerwrap PE is used for the mechanical protection of corrosion preventing coating systems such as STOPAQ® Wrappingband CZ and CZH.

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Stopaq® Outerwrap very well suited for underground and submerged applications. The heavy-duty adhesive layer provides good adhesion to the outer surface of the Stopaq® Wrappingband as well as to its own backing. The Outerwrap has good resistance to impacts, indentations and abrasion, and is also resistant to chemicals like alkalis and acids.


  • Complies with ISO21809-3:2016 coating type 13A-2
  • Easy to apply
  • Cold applied
  • Flexible, good conformability
  • Good adhesion to Stopaq® Wrappingband as well as to its own
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Wide service temperature range


  • Very suitable for manual application, especially in hot climates.
  • Excellent mechanical protection of Stopaq®
    corrosion prevention
  • Resists impacts and indentations which may occur during installation
    and backfilling
  • Supports self-healing of completed coating system
  • Very high resistance to ageing, even when exposed to maximum or
    minimum temperature for longer periods of time
  • No curing or waiting time, ready for immediate service

***Stopaq products from Proline are available in Canada only, for international inquiries please contact your local distributor***


  • NPS of pipe to be coated:
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:
  • Cutback length / total length to be coated / repaired:
  • Plant applied coating system / thickness:
  • Application: (Field Joints, Soil to Air transition etc.):
  • Operator / End-User:
  • Date material is required: