Looking to protect your pipes from CUI, pits, denting, and other damage that may be caused by back filling? Proline Pipe Equipment’s Tuff-N-Nuff™ Rockshield is here to help. As a leading supplier of top pipeline solutions, Proline services clients in the oil and gas domestically both here in Canada, as well as internationally. Learn more about Proline, as well as our trademark Tuff-N-Nuff Rockshield below.

About Proline

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Proline boasts a wide inventory of leading products to fit a diverse range of applications. Since 1967, our team has focused on the development and distribution of innovative, reliable, and competitive solutions that help our customers overcome the unique challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. With a dedication to exceptional customer service and quality products, you count on Proline to you with the solutions you need.

Combatting CUI and Damage With The Tuff-N-Nuff™ Rockshield

Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is one of the largest challenges faced by oil and gas operators when it comes to protecting and maintaining their pipelines. Every year, undetected rust leads to sudden leaks that can cause extensive damage, costly repairs, and heavy delays to project operations. CUI is particularly worrisome because it can be difficult to spot via visual inspection alone.

One the best ways to protect your pipelines against corrosion, as well as other forms of damage, is to implement protective measures from the very start of your project. Backfill protection products like Proline’s Tuff-N-Nuff™ Rockshield are designed to act a layer of cushioning against the elements, as well as direct impact during backfilling operations. Tuff-N-Nuff™ offers longterm protection for your pipes by keeping hard objects in backfill away from the pipe coating during the operation of the line, and can also protect the line from abrasion in the event lateral and longitudinal shifts. Specifics of the Tuff-N-Nuff™ Rockshield include:

  • Non-woven mat consisting of small diameter (approximately 0.050?) strands of flexible PVC.
  • Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 350ºF
  • Easy to handle and install. No expensive equipment required.
  • Lightweight design was developed for use in cold weather conditions as well as warmer climates.
  • Cost effective when compared to using select fill or sand padding.
  • Can be delivered and installed onsite quickly, allowing you to get to work immediately.

Learn more about the Tuff-N-Nuff™ Rockshield by contacting our team today.