Lining up flanges, especially for larger sizes, can be a difficult, awkward, and potentially dangerous task. Slips and misalignment’s can lead to harm to the operator which could be easily avoided. One of the easiest ways to avoid this is using Flange Alignment Tools. Also called flange alignment pins these tools help the operator to properly and safely line up the flanges they are trying to bolt or weld together.


Our flange alignment tools have a tapered shaft, this is so the pin can be inserted into smaller holes when flanges are not perfectly aligned. Once it is inserted into the hole the taper and notching allow the tool to be spun into the flange with a wrench. This is much easier when compared to other tools where the only option is to hammer in the pin which can be taxing and damage the flange.

Different Sizes for Different Jobs

As you know there are a multitude of sizes and schedules of flanges and blinds. This means that there needs to be several different sized flange alignment pins for these different sized flanges. Our tools go from 3/8” all the way up to 3-5/8” bolt hole size cover almost any flange available. If flanges are too far apart and a longer pin is needed, we have extra-long versions available for bolt hole sizes up to 2-5/8”.

Why Petol?

The reason we chose to stock the Petol brand of alignment tools is the quality and engineering put into them. Each tool is made of 4140 heat treated steel then cadmium plated to provide superior strength and non sparking capability. All their features added together make the most rugged and easy to use flange aligning tool on the market.

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