Do you know the risks of failing to detect a natural gas pipeline before digging?

Each year, hundreds of businesses, homes, and communities are affected by gas lines damaged or ruptured in the process of digging. Damaged pipelines can be costly and dangerous, presenting the risk for the loss of natural gas service to the surrounding community, extensive repair costs, and even the potential for explosions resulting in injuries or death.

These hazards make detection efforts vital when it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of a project. Line locators, such as the equipment manufactured by industry leaders like Vivax-Metrotech, play an integral role in scoping out lines that may not have been properly documented in the past or may have shifted underground over time. Proline Pipe Equipment is proud to supply and service leading pipeline detection equipment, including products like Vivax-Metrotech’s 810 Classic model. Learn more about Vivax-Metrotrech and the 810 classic below.

About Vivax-Metrotech

With over 40 years of industry leading experience, Vivax-Metrotech has become one of the foremost names when it comes to manufacturing reliable equipment for buried utility locating, fibre optic cable location, ferrous metal detection, and more. Vivax-Metrotech has earned a reputation for high quality products and distributing through respected retailers worldwide.

The Metrotech 810 Classic

Metrotech’s 810 classic model pioneered a distance sensitive left/right guidance system that quickly made it a trusted resource for customers in a wide variety of industries. The 810 RF Line Tracer offers advanced as well as automatic features that allow for the extremely accurate detection and tracing of continuous metallic pipe or cable, water and gas distribution lines, inductive locating and blind search. Features include:

-High frequency jump insulators and gaskets

  • Simultaneous peak/null
  • Left/right guidance system and an audible tone
  • Pinpoints your utility and indicates the strength of transmitted signals
  • Fully automated
  • Quick and easy depth perception
  • Lightweight

A New Generation: the VM 810

The VM 810 is the latest and greatest in Vivax-Metrotech’s line of locating tools. Building off the success of the original 810 Classic. The new model features one button operation, improved backlit display, water resistance (IP54 & NEMA 4), exceptional battery life (65 hrs continuous use) and more!

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