Vacuworx Lifting Equipment

Vacuworx offers a wide variety of safe, reliable lifting systems. Proline Pipe Equipment has included these systems to bring diverse and safe options to our customers. The smallest unit for this style is the RC10 series lift which provides up to 22,000LBS of lifting capability while the biggest model we offer here at proline, the RC16, provides up to 35,200LBS of lift. Vacuworx makes laying or loading pipe much safer as they do not have to worry about damaging fragile coatings or materials. Having multiple size pads that attached to the underside of each Vacuworx unit allow them to lift anywhere from 6” up to 36” pipe while only contacting with the soft, durable, and tough seal padding placed on the edge of the suction pads. This padding is made up of specially designed foam that allows a vacuum to be created without damaging the coating of the pipe during the lift.

Operating these lifts through a wireless remote keeps personnel clear of the lifting area, also allowing operators more flexibility in each lift. This control coupled with 360-degree rotation, coating safe operation and versatile lifting abilities bring Vacuum Lifts to the peak of modern lifting technology. Minimizing the number of required ground personnel to nearly half compared to the requirements of conventional methods. These lifts are completely self-contained offering simple set up and operation with a minimal learning curve for operators. For the purpose of being up to date with safety standards in the pipeline industry these Vacuworx lifts have CE certification along with OSHA compliance. While meeting or exceeding ANSI/ASME standards section B30.20, ASME BTH-1, and AS 4991. Start lifting safely and effectively with minimized risk with Vacuworx.

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