A versatile alignment clamp that makes the job that much easier.

The Mathey Dearman Double Jack Screw Chain Clamp is designed to align two joints of pipe to be welded. Accurate alignment is paramount to the quality of each weld at each joint throughout the entire pipeline length. From schedule 40 up to schedule 80 thicknesses can be aligned with this style of chain clamp. This clamp is offered in carbon steel or stainless-steel versions, shipped inside a wooden crate for safe transportation and ease of use. These diverse clamps can be used for multiple sizes and situations that require accurate alignment of many different sizes and styles of pipe.

What sizes can this clamp be used on?

The Mathey Dearman Double Jack Screw Chain Clamp works on a variety of pipe sizes ranging from 1” up to 54” pipe diameter. This allows the Double Jack Screw Chain Clamp to be a versatile tool on the job covering a range of sizes so additional clamps will not be necessary to complete the work.

Does the double chain clamp provide accurate alignment?

To provide accurate alignment the Mathey Dearman Double Jack Screw Chain Clamp implements several double chain jack bars to hold both joints together for superior alignment. In addition to these alignment jack bars the chain clamp also comes with spacing screws to assist in spacing each joint appropriately for a clean accurate weld. Once aligned and spaced evenly the welding procedure can be performed without removing the chain clamp to provide an accurate bead to the pipe joint. This clamp is designed so it can be used for elbows and other odd shaped fittings making it one of the most diverse alignment tools on the market.

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