Construction pigs, foam pigs, urethane pigs and pigging equipment provide a wide variety of tools for specific situations. From removing obstructions in the pipe to locating exactly where a problem has occurred is all apart of the operation of pipeline pigs.

What is the purpose of each Pig type?

Construction Pigs (Steel body)

Starting with our most basic pipeline pig which would be the construction pig serves to lightly clean out lengths of pipe with several urethane cups called scraper cups. The amount of urethane cups depends on the depth of cleaning required. From two cups on the pig body all the way to four cups can be installed and used for cleaning the inside lengths of pipe. Steel Brushes and gauging plates are also compatible to work with our steel pig bodies.

Foam pig options

Foam pigs bring flexibility to new heights. This style of pig can be used on a variety of pipe sizes for diverse situations. From wiping and dewatering pipelines to the removal of internal deposits that typically end up inside the pipe, these diverse set of pigs can cover most situations.

  • Soft Foam Pig

Used to effectively dry and wipe pipelines with the ability to be used for multi-diameter situations. This makes them one of the most diverse style of pipeline pigs made today.

  • Bullet Nose Pig (RBS-BN)

This style of pigs is built with medium density foam to allow them to stay durable and consistent. This enables them to be utilized in product removal including internal deposits, liquids and waxes.

  • Double Dish (RBS-DD)

The double dish pig is adding the capability to be used in either direction. This gives users the flexibility to pass the pig back through the line without having to reposition, saving time and money.

  • ProVex-FD

Bi-directional plug that is optimal to remove liquids as it also assists in reducing the amount of wax build up in crude oil pipelines. ProVex-FD is one of the most versatile pipeline pigs used today.

  • Criss Cross Pigs (RCC)

Criss Cross Pigs are also used to remove a multitude of debris from the pipeline. The main difference is the exterior coating that is applied during the manufacturing process. This allows them to be even more durable and resistant to the elements then the standard soft foam pigs.

  • Wire Brush Pig (RCC-WB)

The Wire Brush Pig is capable of scraping heavy materials and hard scale from the pipe. Also available in a double dish configuration to allow bi-directional passes throughout the pipe.