Polyguard RD6 tape is one of the most popular coatings on the market today. The primary waterproofing material is a rubberized bitumen coating. Bonded to the outside surface of this coating is a very strong, tightly woven polyolefin geotextile fabric. The fabric provides exceptional mechanical strength to the coating system permitting tension application, even during hot weather. The geotextile fabric will help resist deformation of the coating from soil forces and from sagging on the bottom of the pipe. Also, the fabric will not by itself retard the flow of protective electrical current that may contribute to a possible shielding condition.

Surface Preparation

As a basic requirement, the pipe shall be cleaned of all paints, oil and grease, mill scale, loose rust, welding residue, etc. Once the surface is clean and free of debris the primer is applied to the surface of the pipe.

Polyguard 600 Liquid Adhesive (Primer)

  • Fast drying – no down time between primer coat and RD-6®
  • Rubber-based – works synergistically with the bitumen-based wraps.
  • Both brush and roller application can be used – allows the application and/or operator to specify application method based on pipe size and conditions.
  • Only a thin coat is necessary – less downtime and more efficient coverage.

Polyguard UV Overcoat (UVO)

RD-6 UVO protects the RD-6 anti-corrosion coating from harmful UV rays. Direct exposure to sunlight will result in degradation of the RD-6. This overcoat is used for above ground pipe only and is not required for below ground pipe.

Super Wrap Wrapster

The Super Wrap Wrapster is used for the application of the RD-6 tape. It keeps tension in the tape while the applicator applies it to the pipe. This machine is adjustable so that it can accommodate a wide variety of pipe sizes. It also adjusts the overlap based on how much is required for the job. Click here to view how these adjustments are made.

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