3lb Brass Sledge Hammer

HAMMER SLEDGE SQR FACE BS 3LB 16IN   These Brass Hammers use Yellow brass #865, and the handles are made with durable Hickory with unfinished or sanded safety grip. Brass heads are secured to the handles with aluminum wedges. There are no steel components. 

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Most brass hammer heads are cast and some are extruded. The extruded heads are typically a bit harder since the process compacts and aligns the metal grain. Their dimensions are a bit more precise.Brass and Copper hammers are Copper Alloys.

Brass is considered to be non-sparking. However, PROLINE does not guarantee any hammer to be non-sparking. Hammers can pick up materials during use, like iron or steel, which can be imbedded in the brass and cause sparks. Soft metal hammers like copper, aluminum and brass should be reground and dressed before each use.

Discard hammers when they are mis-shaped, loose or deformed!