700,000 BTU Torch

Industrial Liquid propane torches for high output

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  • Liquid Propane Torch with 2 ft. Handle
  • Ideal torch where high output is required
  • Allows full use of fuel in propane cylinder
  • 700,000 BTU

Even though our torches are mainly used for the pipeline application they have a multitude of different applications. For any situation, our high output torches are an excellent choice.

Some common applications include:

  • Thaw frozen pipes and valves
  • Preheat steel and pipe for welding
  • Preheat engines for startup in cold weather
  • Heating shrink sleeves on pipe and cables
  • Heating for all roofing applications
  • Burn weeds, brush stands, and grass on fence lines
  • Heating pots, kettles, and branding irons
  • Heating water tanks in sub-zero climate
  • Melt ice and snow off non-flammable surfaces
  • Lighting flare pits and stacks
  • Starting charcoal, campfires, and trash barrels
  • Any other application requiring intense heat