Paint Roller Cage and Roller

The paint roller cage is used in the pipeline industry for the application of 2-part epoxy on girth welds. Also used in any other painting application.

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Paint Roller Application

Our paint rollers are 7″ as FBE cutbacks on pipe ends are commonly 5″ wide. There is a common requirement for a 2″ overlap onto the FBE coating. Our size allows one to run the roller along side the Girth-Weld (GW) bead without rolling atop of it (which removes coating from the bead and causes coating to be too thick right beside the bead) while not over coating too much of the FBE.

Paint Roller Cage Features.

The paint roller cage comes with an ergonomic handle and the 7″ paint roller refill is a lint free polyester roller that works on multiple surfaces from smooth to coarse surfaces.