Reach Rod and Control Ends

Whenever you rent or purchase a Proline Internal Pneumatic Line Up Clamp (IPLC), the reach rod and control ends are factored into the price.  Reach Rod is usually cut to 5′ (1.5 M) lengths for ease of handling.  Depending on the size of clamp you’ll be using, the reach rod will come in 3/4″ (19.05 mm) or 1″ (25.4 mm) thickness. 40 feet (12 M) is the standard length, however longer lengths can be ordered as needed. The reach rod will connect to the Control Ends.  There are control ends for the operator to use to expand the clamping shoes and hold the pipe in place to be welded, and there is also a control end that attaches to the clamp, so the operator’s instructions are relayed to the clamp.  Pneumatic (air) driven clamps may come with three control ends.

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Reach Rod comes in 3/4″ or 1″ thickness x 5′ lengths. These are steel rods which are welded together with the control ends to create a vessel and passageway for the compressed air to supply the Pneumatic clamp. Reach rods are welded together to get the desired length based on the length of the joints of pipe. They are used on pneumatic (air) driven clamps and also manual internal clamps.

Extra spare parts are available to aid in preventative maintenance and repair of pneumatic clamps.

Reach Rod and Control Ends bundled for shipping

Control Ends and accessories

Air Clamp Control End

Operator controlling the Air Clamp

If your project has special requirements,  speak with your Proline representative to see what he can do for you.