VX5-125 5″ Clamp

Induction Clamps

The Induction Clamp provides a precise way to apply a locating signal. It is generally used when it is not possible or convenient to access the conductor to make a direct connection but there is sufficient room to place the clamp around the cable or pipe, or when it is not safe to make a direct connection because the target cable is carrying electricity.

The Induction Clamp is a specialized inductive device, sometimes known as a toroid or coupler. All clamps are optimized to work at specific frequencies. In most cases clamps are designed to be used at frequencies generally between 8 kHz and 85 kHz.

  • Apply a transmitter signal to live cables
  • Range of clamps from 2” to 18”
  • Induce signals on lines in a range of different situations

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  • An accessory used to apply the transmitter signal to an insulated line, removing the need to connect the transmitter signal directly to a conductor or cable sheath.
  • Dia. 5in (125mm)