Welding (Cooling) Blankets

Proline’s welding or cooling blankets as they are sometimes known, prevents weld cracks from forming by keeping the welded pipes from cooling to quickly. These blankets are fabricated with a canvas exterior and fiberglass insulation on the underside.  Metal “S” hooks close the blankets and hold it into place on the pipe.

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  • Glass cloth on underside and canvas on top with 1” Fiberglass insulation
  • Rated from 1000F – 1500F ( 538C – 815C)
  • Blankets are secured by a 1” flat elastic strap with S-hook that fastens
    to a cotton webbing loop providing a tight fit to pipes
  • Available in 9” & 12” widths with varying lengths

Sizes (respectively):

Pipe Size: 3″ to 6″ | 8″ to 12″

Width: 9″ | 12″

Length: 28″ | 50″

Larger Diameters available upon request.