Being able to quickly gain access to a pipe with the correct measurements and bends could make the difference between staying on track with your project or falling significantly behind on your timeline. There are times that you simply cannot stop to wait for the delivery of pre-made parts, making a professional pipe bending machine a necessity on large projects. These machines are exposed to some of the most extreme weather conditions on the planet, making it crucial to have a brand that you can push to its limits. With any heavy equipment of this calibre, you want to be assured that operators are fully safe and secure during operation of the machinery.

Overview of Pipe Bending Machines

Built to handle the most difficult job site conditions, pipe bending machines include a range of safety features:

  • Immediate engine shutdown in the event of high engine temperatures or low oil pressure
  • Operators can instantly stop the engine in the event of an emergency or when explosive gases are present in the air
  • Heavy steel plates protect operators from the dangers associated with hydraulic leaks or burst hoses
  • Quick-view access to gauges and instruments helps the operator stay in full control at all times

Protecting the operator and any onlookers is one of the primary concerns for solutions from Proline Pipe Equipment, and we offer exceptional training solutions and additional services to help your team stay safe. Our pipe bending machines also boast polyurethane-lined die sets to create a smooth surface that will protect pipes from scarring or jagged edges.

Benefits of Using a Top-Quality Pipe Bending Machine

While there are other options on the market, a top-quality pipe bending machine can provide a significant return on investment for your project. Instead of purchasing pre-set pipe sizes and shapes, a pipe bending machine allows you to custom manufacture exactly what you need on the job site — reducing waste and also maintaining a more consistent cost structure for your project. Having access to a pipe bending machine provides your team with fast and efficient access to the specific pipe bends without over-purchasing more specialized parts that might not be used for the project.

Proline Pipe Equipment has been serving pipeline and manufacturing operations around the world since 1967, providing quality, specialized equipment for pipeline and plant construction solutions. Our 34,000 square foot facility houses a range of services from custom pipe bending to training and certifications on our various equipment options. Our customer service before and after the sale is unmatched in the industry, providing you and your team with access to knowledgeable professionals with experience using the specific tools and features that you need for your next job. Whether you are looking for exceptional warranties or a shop that provides repairs and maintenance for the brands that we sell, Proline Pipe Equipment is the choice of project managers and pipe professionals throughout Canada and beyond. Contact us today at 780-465-6161 for more information or to speak with one of our sales and service professionals.