Bending Machine

PROLINE is the leading manufacturer in the pipeline industry with state-of-the-art Pipe Bending Machines and are known to be the fastest in the world.

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Pipe Bending Machine Product Overview:

  • Oversize hydraulic tanks with internal cooling baffles prevent overheating of the hydraulic fluid, no matter how extreme the jobsite conditions
  • Safety shutdown instruments immediately shut off the engine in case of low oil pressure or high temperature, to prevent engine damage
  • Emergency shutoff on the engine air intake allows the bending machine operator to instantly stop the engine in case flammable or explosive gases are present in the air
  • Heavy steel plate in front of the operator platform protects the operator from the danger of hydraulic leaks or burst hydraulic hoses
  • Instruments, gauges and controls are located directly in front of the operator for easy use
  • Polyurethane lined bending die sets provide smooth, non scarring surfaces for bending bare or pre-coated pipe. Replacement polyurethane shells are available at reasonable cost