Welding in Canada comes with its own unique set of challenges. The weather can be harsh, unforgiving, and unpredictable; nonetheless, tradespeople know that you can’t always wait for a sunny day to get the job done. Professionals need welding supplies that will perform and stand up to the elements every time, no matter the conditions.

Proline Pipe Equipment welding supplies are built for high performance in all applications and conditions. No matter what you need for your next project, Proline has high-quality welding supplies that will keep your operation running smoothly.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Proline welding supplies, as well as the solutions Proline Equipment offers for your next project.

Welding Supplies at Proline

Proline offers a wide variety of welding supplies for the most demanding environments. For everything from lineup clamps to gloves and other protective gear, Proline has all the supplies to outfit your world-class welding operation. Our inventory includes:

  • Liquid propane torches
  • Grinder supplies
  • Spacing Tools
  • Lineup clamps
  • Metal pipe supports
  • Welding tents
  • Welding (cooling) blankets
  • Welding Jackets
  • Gloves
  • and more!

All Proline welding supplies are built for exceptional durability, even in the most demanding oilfield and construction sites. No matter what the conditions, Proline welding supplies will stand up to the elements and keep your operation running efficiently.

For projects requiring unique or custom equipment, Proline has you covered. Custom sizes, unique materials, company branding, and other features are available by request; the team at Proline Pipe Equipment is happy to work with you to create products ready to stand up to the requirements of your operation.

Full Range of Services for All Your Pipe Equipment Needs

In addition to welding supplies, Proline Pipe Equipment is proud to offer a massive inventory and a wide variety of products and services for your next pipe project.

Our team excels at defining high standards for performance and creating the ideal solution for any challenging project. Whether you need pipe bending or pipe end facing machines, our qualified professionals are available to help walk through your project and make recommendations that will keep you moving ahead. Additionally, we provide warranty work for all of our components to ensure your equipment can perform at its best, no matter what the conditions.

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