Maintaining consistency is a critical measure of success when you are working on a pipeline or construction project, especially when you are working away from easy access to pre-made parts. Even the most accurate schematics can be off by a fraction, requiring some creative work to ensure your projects move forward as planned. When you have access to pipe cutting and beveling equipment at the job site, you are able to create safe, consistent cuts every time without the need to expedite specialized parts to your location.

Benefits of Automated Pipe Beveling

While pipe cutting and beveling can often be performed by hand, this can introduce minute inconsistencies to your project which can cause problems later in the project. When you are utilizing pipe cutting and beveling equipment, the more automated process is faster, cheaper and more dependable while also reducing the risks associated with hand-manipulation of pipes and other materials. Automation provides for a more efficient process, reducing the man-hours as well as the elapsed time required to perform the same tasks. Operators have a limited period of workable time during a workday, as hand-cutting or beveling pipes can be draining for an individual. Beveling and pipe cutting machinery takes the guesswork out of getting results that are polished and available much more quickly than traditional methods.

Proline Pipe Cutting and Beveling Solutions

Our full line of pipe cutting and beveling solutions includes our Motorized Crawler Genie 2.0, one of the fastest options available that comes with standard cruise control so your cuts are made more consistent by reducing the impact of weight and gravity on the process. Our solutions include components that support overload protection, short-circuit protection, three-digit displays for speed indicators, input voltage variation and load variation.

Exceptional Service from Trusted Professionals

As an innovative leader in the pipeline industry, Proline Pipe Equipment first introduced the first bending mandrels with self-centring technology several decades ago. Our leadership starts with our pipe cutting and beveling technology but doesn’t stop there. Understanding the needs of project managers and construction professionals has been a long-time strategy for the team at Proline Pipe Equipment. As a manufacturer and distributor of specialized pipe construction equipment and consumables, Proline Pipe Equipment has been serving organizations around the globe since 1967.

Our clients today know that they can trust our teams to provide top-notch customer service, exceptional parts and warranty solutions as well as a deep knowledge of the products and services that we offer. In-depth training is offered at our Edmonton plant to ensure that your team members are well-versed on the safe usage and care of the pipeline equipment and related products that we offer. Contact us at 780-465-6161 to learn more about the products that we offer or use our online contact form to schedule training for individuals or teams.