When testing coating there are several factors that need to be taken in to account when choosing the right equipment for the job. This is crucial in today’s environment because of the safety standards and on-site inspectors, which are both very particular when it comes to testing pipe coatings. The type of coating also plays a role in choosing the right equipment; for example, yellow jacket coating and fusion bond epoxy require different units most of the time. One of the final determining factors is the thickness of the coating as this can change the voltage level needed to test the pipe coating.

What do you need for thin film epoxy?

For thin film epoxy, specifically 4 to 50 mil FBE, one of our Spy 780 detectors is required to get the job done. The reason behind this is the NACE standards that are in place for testing coating. Lower voltages detect only larger imperfections in comparison to high voltages. The reasoning behind this is that epoxy coatings are still effective with larger pinholes than other coatings.

What do you need for yellow jacket sleeves and other thicker coatings?

For testing thicker coatings such as yellow jacket sleeves you need a Spy 785 holiday detector. The higher voltage output on this unit allows it to detect smaller pinholes in the coating. As with the epoxy this is the NACE standard for testing these coatings, specifically 4 to 150 Mill coatings.

What do you need for Stopaq and other very thick coatings?

For Stopaq and similar coatings you need a Spy 790 or a Spy 785 Detector depending on the voltage output necessary. The Spy 790 holiday detector has a maximum voltage of 35KV so it can test the thickest coatings on the market. This allows it to detect coatings from 4 to 750 mils thick.

When do you need a volt/jeep meter?

A voltmeter often referred to as a jeep meter is needed for almost every project where holiday detectors are required. The only exception to this rule is when the Spy 670 wet sponge is used in place of the other detectors.

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