North America is well known for its volatile weather systems, particularly during the winter months, when temperatures can drop dramatically. Whether you are lighting a fire, welding items together or simply need a quick way to thaw out your pipes, heating torches have been used for years as the perfect and powerful option for warming things up in the winter.Liquid propane torches are a heating torch with a 2-foot long handle that generates up to 700,000 BTU for the high output needed for industrial or commercial applications. A variety of brands offer liquid propane torches under a variety of brand names. These popular torches are trusted by pipe workers throughout Canada and are known to provide a long working life and a powerful boost of heat.

Benefits of Liquid Propane Torches for Your Projects

When you’re looking for a big impact, liquid propane torches, fits the bill. Keeping your mechanical projects moving in weather as low as -15 to -30 degrees Celsius can be a big challenge, making it vital to have adequate options available for your projects. With access to liquid propane torches, like Tiger Torches, your team gains the ability to:

  • Warm-up frozen pipes or valves in minutes
  • Preheat moving parts such as engines to help ensure they will fire
  • Utilize the application of heat to shrink pipe fittings or protective sleeves
  • Quickly start fires within fire-safe items such as barrels
  • Heat water in tanks or boil water in kettles
  • Rapidly melt ice and snow, and more.

With the long handle of your Liquid Propane Torch, you can safely apply heat to a variety of different areas without the dangers associated with smaller torches or shorter handles.

Dedicated Staff for Training and Support

Having access to the right products and services is only half the battle — you still need to know that you can get high-quality training when and where you need it. At Proline Pipe Equipment, our service technicians are available to come onsite to ensure you are able to quickly take advantage of our Liquid Propane Torches and a wide range of other products. Need to train several staff members? We also offer training opportunities at our local Edmonton, Alberta location for your convenience. With our torches, as with any type of liquid propane accessory, safety is of the utmost importance and our team wants to ensure that anyone using our products will be operating them safely.

The professionals at Proline Pipe Equipment are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best available products to keep your projects moving forward smoothly and efficiently. Our FT6 Liquid Propane Torch is only one of the hundreds of products that we offer that are all designed to provide consistent levels of excellence for professionals. Whether you are working in the wilds of Canada or the urban jungle, you can trust that Proline Pipe Equipment has you covered with industry-leading warranties, custom manufacturing, quick maintenance and after-hours emergency repairs. Contact us today at 780-465-6161 to learn more about our Torches or range of other pipes and supplies.