Steel Brush

Same as Brass Brush but with steel

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Do you have a brush kit for your SPY wand?  If not, you can order the brush connector tab (11854) and the brush adaptor kit (11934)

Have a Tinker & Razor or Elcometer?  SPY has all the optional hardware and equipment you need to get the best results from your portable holiday detector

If you purchase a SPY Holiday detector and have springs and brushes left over from your old Tinker & Razor or Elcometer detector, we have an adaptor that will fit the SPY wand so you don’t have to re-order the same springs and brushes that you used previously on the other detector.

Adaptor: Tinker & Razor (P/N 13995) or Elcometer (P/N 13996) This will allow your older brushes to fit your new SPY detector.