Flame-retardant welding blankets are a boon for welders working in all types of weather but can be particularly useful in the freezing cold climates found during the Canadian winters. Made from a range of materials including fiberglass fabric, silicate, vermiculite, or clay, the blanket materials provide different technical features to help protect against massive temperature changes. Maintaining a more consistent temperature while welded objects are cooling helps reduce the possibility of breakage at the weld site, allowing the bond to set more slowly and producing a stronger final product.

Benefits and Applications of Welding Blankets

Welding blankets, also known as cooling blankets, have a canvas exterior with a 1″ flat elastic strap and metal “S” hooks to help keep blankets in place on a pipe. With a full inch of fibreglass insulation inside each welding blanket, you can be confident that they will meet the rating requirements of 538C – 815C with ease. Proline Pipe Equipment offers welding blankets in a variety of sizes from 9″ to 12″ and in lengths of 28″ to 50″ — with larger diameters available upon request. These cooling blankets come in a standard beige colour and meet military specifications as follows: MIL C 20079H Type 1 Class 9. If you need larger welding blankets, the team of professionals at Proline Pipe Equipment will work with you to create a custom size that meets the unique needs of your project.

Custom Manufacturing to Fulfill All Your Pipe Needs

While many pipe applications are streamlined to work with standardized equipment, there are always times that you need custom manufacturing to ensure your project’s success. The team at Proline Pipe Equipment excels at defining high standards for performance and creating the ideal solution to your challenging project. Whether you need pipe bending or pipe end facing machines, our qualified professionals are available to help walk through your project and make recommendations that will keep you moving forward.

Full Range of Services Available from Proline Pipe Equipment

Creating a secure and profitable environment is vital for your success, and Proline Pipe Equipment and dedicated to providing the support and education that you need. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales professionals are backed by a team of factory-trained technicians with detailed knowledge of our products. We provide warranty work and service for all of the products that we offer, including our full line of cooling blankets and pipe accessories. Our Edmonton location boasts a range of services including training for individuals or groups and custom pipe bending to ensure you have exactly the right solutions for your upcoming project. Contact us today at 780-465-6161 to learn more about our products and services or to schedule support for your team.