During a pipeline or construction project there is often a need to add extra protection for pipe that is under stressful conditions. One example of when a pipe would need this extra protection is when a buried pipe is crossing underneath a road. The pressure from the traffic above the pipe would put too much pressure on a pipe that does not have a casing of some sort. This casing is essential in the protection of the pipe but resting the carrier pipe on the bottom of the casing can cause several issues. This is where casing spacers are used to lift the pipe off the bottom of the casing.

Ranger II Casing Spacer

GPT’s Ranger II Casing Spacer is some of the most advanced, and easy to use technology available on the market. Designed by GPT with quick and easy installation in mind the Ranger II system does not require any special tools and does not use nuts and bolts which can degrade over time. Custom sized for each application, the Ranger II will work with a wide range of carrier and casing diameters.


  • Designed for carrier pipe diameters from 0.83” (21mm) to 98.43” (2,500mm) in diameter.
  • Wide variety of runner heights to allow numerous options for pipe positioning within the casing.
  • Wide temperature range, -22? to +212? F. (-30? to +100?C.)
  • Eliminates sand or grout fill.
  • Low coefficient of friction for ease of installation.
  • Easy assembly. Simply slide the segments together and cinch tight with the patented Slide-Lock connecting system

Model PE Casing Spacer

The Model PE Casing Spacer has a very simple and effective design. Manufactured with specific pipe sizes in mind makes the PE spacer an easy plug and play option for any project.


  • Ribbed inner surface prevents slippage and guards against coating damage.
  • Screwdriver is only tool needed for installation.
  • Excellent insulation, high abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction
  • One-piece solid molded segments provide for maximum load bearing
  • PE casing spacers are available to accommodate a variety of pipe diameters and available for quick delivery.


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