Are you facing difficulties with your pipes cracking from cooling too quickly after welding? Allowing your fresh welds to slowly cool off helps to ensure the structural integrity of the pipe or joint to remain intact and prevent damage to your overall system. Weld, or “cooling” blankets can help to ensure your materials are able to slowly disperse heat, reducing the risk of cracks and other faults in the line. Explore more about the benefits of welding blankets, as well as Proline’s range of solutions below.

One Product, Multiple Applications

As a category, welding blankets refer to several different types of products. From flame retardant properties to pipe insulation and protection, welding blankets are a vital part of many job sites that help ensure safety and efficiency.

Proline Pipe Equipment Welding Blankets

Proline’s welding blankets are designed to act as cooling blankets, as well as a later of additional protection to the pipes while they lose heat and are in a vulnerable state. Fabricated with a canvas exterior and fibreglass insulated interior, the blankets allow pipes to disperse built up heat from welding in a slow manner, preventing cracks in the process. Blanket specifications include:

  • Glass cloth on the underside and canvas on top with 1” fibreglass insulation
  • Rated from 1000F to 1500F (538C to 815C)
  • Available in 9” & 12’” width and various lengths.

Blankets are secured by a 1” flat elastic S-hook that fastens to a cotton webbing loop to provide a snug fit to pipes. Our welding blankets are available in 9” & 12” widths with varying lengths sizes: Pipe Size Width Length 3? to 6? 9? 28? 8? to 12? 9? 50. Larger diameters are available upon requests.

Proline Welding Tents

Our Model M and W welding tents offer flame retardant protection, easy set up, as well as convenient storage and transportation. With custom branding available, these tents are built to last and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Learn more about Proline Pipe Equipment’s welding blankets by contacting our team today.