Welding in Canada comes with its own unique set of challenges. The weather can be harsh, unforgiving, and unpredictable; nonetheless, tradespeople know that you can’t always wait for a sunny day to get the job done.

Proline Pipe Equipment welding tents are designed to protect personnel and equipment in even the harshest Canadian weather. Our welding tents are essential to mitigating temperature changes and ensuring a high-quality weld in any condition. Our welding tents will keep your crew working and your operation running smoothly, no matter what the elements throw at you.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Proline welding tents, as well as the solutions Proline Equipment offers for your next project.

Welding Tents at Proline

All Proline welding tents are built for outstanding durability, even in the most demanding oilfield and construction sites. No matter what the conditions, Proline welding tents will stand up to the elements and keep your operation running smoothly no matter the weather.

Our Model “M” welding tents are lightweight and compact without sacrificing durability and performance. Their ultra-light and compact design is easy and economical to transport and assemble, while the galvanized steel frame and 6 oz. flame-resistant cover ensures maximum durability. Our fabric covers meet the requirements of CAN/ULC – S109 and CPAI-84 Section 6 Standards, and feature a reinforced orange strip on doors and corners for high visibility safety identification.

Proline Model “W” welding tents offer maximum durability in the harshest environments. The 14 oz. high tear vinyl cover is rated to -45ºC (-49ºF), making it perfect for fieldwork in brutal Canadian winters. Additionally, our vinyl covers are exceptionally flame-resistant, having passed NFPA 701 safety standards. If you’re looking for the ultimate protection from the elements to keep your worksite moving, look no further than these tents.

For projects requiring unique or custom specifications, Proline has you covered. Custom sizes, unique materials, company branding, and other features are available by request; the team at Proline Pipe Equipment is happy to work with you to create welding tents ready to stand up to the requirements of your operation.

Full Range of Services for All Your Pipe Equipment Needs

In addition to welding tents, Proline Pipe Equipment is proud to offer a massive inventory and a wide variety of products and services for your next pipe project, as well as custom manufacturing for even the most demanding requirements. Our team will work with you to meet the highest performance standards and create the ideal solution for your next project.

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