Proline manufactures pinwheel heaters in any required size to deliver a quick, economical and uniformed way of pre-heating pipe prior to welding.

Proline’s pinwheel heaters are built with a support saddle that ensures that a constant distance is maintained all around the pipe.  There is also an arch that is built into the saddle which allows reach rod to pass through, so the pinwheel has stable footing. The reach rod is used for controlling the internal pneumatic line up clamps and the saddle arch ensures that it is not interfered with.

The pinwheel heater is placed at the opening of the pipe.  It is hooked up to a class 1 or class 3 propane hose that in turn is hooked up to a propane tank.  There is an off/on lever on the pinwheel heater to control flow.  Once turned on, there are from four to eight burners (depending on the size of the pinwheel heater) that will each deliver 325,000 BTU’s of heat.  A handle is attached to the pinwheel heater so the operator can turn and rotate the torches at different intervals to deliver constant and even heating.  An optional propane regulator is also available if required or desired.

In wintertime, pre-heating the pipe ends before welding, ensures that the pipe is completely dry before welding and that all moisture has been removed from the pipe.  In summertime, early morning use will remove the morning dew so welding can commence. Summertime use will also depend on the ambient temperature.  In any season, the pinwheel heaters will make sure that the pipe is dry before any welding procedures begin.

The pinwheel heaters can be dismantled for storage or for shipping and are easily assembled when they are needed.

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