Proline is very excited to be an official distributor for the entire Stopaq product line. The Stopaq group of products combine to make a nearly universal corrosion prevention & sealant system. The patented polymer composition used in Stopaq gives it fluid like properties which helps to form around the pipe’s imperfections. Because of this unique property the surface preparation requirements are relaxed in comparison to other products in the industry.

Wrapping Band

The Stopaq Wrappingband is usually the first product applied and contains the patented polymer technology. This easy-to-use system has cold flow characteristics and possesses the ability to self-heal. Stopaq adheres to steel and factory applied pipe coatings extremely well. Compared to other typical pipe coating the surface preparation for the Stopaq Wrappingband is minimal. With high and low temperature options Stopaq wrapping band is suitable for almost applications.


Stopaq Outerwrap products are flexible polyethylene mechanical protection tapes. These are used for mechanical protection when applying Stopaq Wrappingband products. The heavy-duty adhesive layer provides good adhesion to the outer surface of the Stopaq Wrappingband as well as to its own backing. The Outerwrap has good resistance to impacts, indentations and abrasion, and is also resistant to chemicals like alkalis and acids.

Stopaq Paste

STOPAQ Paste is a mouldable corrosion preventing compound that is especially designed for low temperature applications with options available for high temperatures. It is used for filling of voids and levelling of irregular surfaces prior to application of STOPAQ coating materials, and adheres extremely well to steel and factory applied pipeline coatings like PE, PP and FBE. Primarily used for flanges, valves and other irregular surfaces, Stopaq paste is great for filling in the gaps of nearly any pipe irregularity.

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