Each year, welding fires cause millions of dollars of damage to materials, the surrounding area, and other items left exposed on job sites.Hot work poses an inherent danger, regardless of how experienced your team may be. Using the proper precautions, including resources like welding blankets, welding tents, tilt umbrellas and more can help reduce your risk, shield workers from the elements, and ensure a safe worksite for all. Learn more about some key safety practices when it comes to welding, as well as a few of Proline Pipe Equipment’s solutions below.

Always Rely On Training

Because of the inherent risks involved with welding, it’s important to ensure all team members involved in your project are properly trained to deal with associated hazards. Make sure the appropriate PPE is in use, and that all applicable standards are being met.

Know Your Site

Even job site will have a unique set of challenges that should be taken into account prior to beginning any welding work. Survey your area for common hazards like flammable materials such as paper or cardboard, chemicals, cleaning materials, dust build up and more, and use suitable protective gear like fire blankets or welding screens to prevent the risks of sparks starting a blaze.

Dress the Part

In addition to PPE, proper clothing such as welding jackets and welding gloves should be worn to reduce the risk of personal harm.

Proline Pipe Equipment Welding Blankets

Proline Pipe Equipment is a global leader in pipeline equipment and solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we have proudly manufactured and distributed quality products since 1967. With a dedication to innovation, quality craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service, we are proud to be a supplier of choice for customers worldwide.

Among Proline’s inventory is a selection of welding blankets and tents. Our welding blankets help to avoid weld cracks by preventing pipes from cooling too quickly, and are fabricated with a canvas exterior and fiberglass insulation on the inside. Specifications for the blankets include:

  • Glass cloth on the underside and canvas on top with 1” fiberglass insulation
  • Rated from 1000F to 1500F (538C to 815C)
  • Available in 9” & 12’” width and various lengths.

Our Model M and W welding tents offer flame retardant protection, easy set up, as well as convenient storage and transportation. With custom branding available, these tents are built to last and can be used for multiple industries and applications.

Learn more about Proline’s welding and pipeline solutions by contacting our team today!